Music for Young People

Tutti Music provides first class music-making opportunities for children and young people.

We work in primary, secondary and out of school settings, supporting young people to take part in music activities which foster new skills and build self-confidence.


Tutti Music works closely with schools and youth organisations organisations to design each project.

Examples include:

One-day Workshop
Linking music and composition with an area of study or topic. Using music to bring alive any area of the curriculum and build young people’s creative and group-working skills.

Extended Creative Projects
Working with a focus group to develop high quality performances or recordings. Exploring the music of a historical period or different culture and composing new pieces in response. Students learn a range of creative and collaborative skills, taking pride the music they produce.

Music Technology
Using Music Technology (e.g. Ipads, Garageband) to produce new music, film soundtracks, or songs. This can include training for staff.

All our musicians are experienced workshop leaders with the skills to bring the best out of any group of students. Tutti Music is particularly interested in supporting young people who may be struggling to engage with the curriculum, or with learning.


Please do get in touch to discuss how Tutti Music can support music making in your school. Email